Why GoPalms ?

Here are six key features why you should trust your agribusiness ERP solution to us.

Local Agribusiness ERP

We have in-depth expertise on local agribusiness and we build our ERP solution based on this.

Multi Currency

Is your cost is booked in Rupiah, while your procurement is in USD ? We can easily accomodate multi-currency in our ERP solution.

Multi Device Integrated

Our ERP solution integrates seamlessly with devices like finger scan, SMS gateway, smartphone, tablet and many more.

Integrated Payroll System

No more separate system for payroll. All calculated in one package.

Easy Tax Reporting

All your tax calculation is calculated in the application.

Configuration Financial Report

We have various financial reports built-in our application, and of course you can have them customised too.

GoPalms ERP Solution. Manage Your Plantation Easily.

ERP for Plantation is designed to solve end-to-end business needs. See its' detailed features below :


Sales Management

Captures sales activities in our Sales Management module, from Contract, to Delivery order which is integrated to Weighing module, selling and tax double entry for every transaction will be created automatically by system.


Tax Management

Ready for Indonesian tax issue, such as PPH, 21, 22, 23, PPN Masukan, PPN Keluaran, bukti potong, SPT Masa report, bukti potong per supplier report, etc.


Human Resources

Captures standard local employment types, eg. SKUB, SKUH, BHL, it is also ready for BPJS, PPh21 calculation.



System is ready for common harvesting formulation (JJG/Kg), Kontanan, external resources etc, it is also integrated with finger scan device.


Fixed Asset

Groups of assets with various depreciation method in our fixed asset module.



Captures Estate or Palm Oil Mill production data to produce production report physically, production cost report, and COGS report automatically.


Account Payable

Maintain your account payable issue, provides Aging Report to set company’s payment schedule, it may have forecasting cashflow early.


Account Receivable

Maintain your account receivable issue, provides Aging Report to set company’s cash receipt schedule, it may have forecasting company cashflow early.



Integrated procurement system, ready for multi currency purchase activities.



Weighing module integrated to Sales Management and also FFB Purchase in Palm Oil Mill.



Standard plantation workshop / unit running cost is provided in our system automatically.



Maintain 2-stages nursery cost to revaluate monthly seedling price automatically.



Maintain budgeting in cost and also production in order to compare actual activity cost or actual production versus budget.


Inventory Control

Maintain inventory cost issue from central warehouse to division stockroom.

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