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Integrated Data with Power BI

Integrating BI (Business Intelligence) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in the same management software is an excellent asset for your company. A BI ERP solution transforms raw data into usable information, making decision-making faster.

Every day, businesses of all sizes and in all industries juggle hundreds or even thousands of data points. Is it too much data to handle? Not necessarily—but all that information must be used and analyzed effectively. Opting for a BI ERP solution is a great way to get there.

A BI ERP solution to better manage and analyze data

Manage. Consolidate. Analyze. Automate. With software like Power BI, these actions can be accomplished in real-time for any type of data. It’s a powerful tool for managing various aspects of your business, including:

  • Consumers
  • Sales and marketing
  • Transactions
  • Customer interactions
  • Products
  • Employees
  • Supply chain
  • Processes

In addition to being quickly accessible, these types of data can be visualized in a matter of seconds.

With a BI ERP solution, all your essential data is extracted, processed, and interconnected, regardless of its source. The data might come from a PDF and JPG file, or another management system. After it’s converted into the form you want, the data is accessible from any device—computer, tablet, phone, etc.